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Mommy connect is a program designed for mothers of all ages who battle with depression, anxiety and the stresses of single parenthood. This program is in place to support those women in marginalized communities in coming together to figure out ways to cope and overcome these obstacles. This support group is broken down into 8 weeks of virtual behavioral health led sessions. Each session provides women with different coping mechanisms, local and/or national resources along with educating them on the importance of healthier lifestyle changes for both mom and baby.

The goal of Mommy Connect is to promote mental health awareness and create a sisterhood that will inspire and empower women by letting them know that they are never alone. Mommy Connect has supported women in the past and has helped them to become healthier mothers and parents for their kids. For more information or to get started, click the button below.

Queen For a Day

Celebrating Moms, Grandmoms and Guardian Women Who Care for Children



"Motherhood: All love begins and ends there"

~Robert Browning

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