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“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

~Booker T. Washington

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Nurse and Patient

COVID Connect helps provide access to COVID-19 information and resources to aid and educate the community, particularly in areas were access is limited. COVID Connect seeks to improve the lives of  those who have questions or concerns or have been adversely affected by  the COVID-19 virus. COVID Connect is a vaccine hesitancy education, vaccination and testing program. The program is a mobile program providing services to black, brown and rural communities by scheduling pop up clinics to meet the need. The program also provides in home vaccinations to the disabled and elderly population.


The COVID Connect program has administered vaccines to residents of South Hill, Mecklenburg Co, Lunenburg Co, Charles City Co, Petersburg, Hopewell, Sussex Co, Emporia and Brunswick Counties.


This program is made possible through partnerships with Charles City Medical Group, John Tyler School of Nursing and Community Transformers LLC, L.P. To learn more, please call 804-234-3551 or visit

For More Information Call 804-234-3551 or email Damaris Johnson at

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