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CTF promotes collective work and responsibility within the communities we serve. Our team consists of some of the most respected professionals in the area who possess the knowledge and experience to build  coalitions that will greatly benefit the community and those who live within. CTF’s mission is to be an organization that is dedicated to building collaborations within communities to develop sustainable programs that address the social determinants of health and promote health equity.  CTF values the communities it serves and believes that each community possess the innate ability to transform and support their residents.  CTFs vision is for all communities to have the resources necessary to sustain healthy, diverse, economically strong and vibrant communities.


Economic Stability

  • Poverty

  • Employment

  • Food Sustainability

  • Housing Stability

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Social & 


  • Context

  • Social Cohesion

  • Civic Participation

  • Perceptions of Discrimination & Equity

  • Incarceration/Institutionalization


Education & 


  • High School Graduation

  • Enrollment in Higher Education

  • Language and Literacy

  • Early Childhood Education and Development


Health & 


  • Access to Health Care

  • Access to Primary Care

  • Health Literacy Neighborhood & Built Environment – Access to Healthy Foods

  • Quality of Housing

  • Crime & Violence

  • Environmental Conditions


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